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5 Fuel Saving Tips for RVers

June 21, 2018

5 Fuel Saving Tips for RVers

RVers all across the country are enjoying their adventures, but gas prices are always fluctuating. So what do you do when they soar, and what do you do when they’re low. It would be great if you could stock up, but that isn’t possible. So here are some tips to help you lower your gas expense to keep your sanity when they are high, and enjoy better savings when they are low. The more you save on gas, the more you can spend on quality experiences during your travels. Here are our tips to put more money back into your pocket.

Get a Tune Up

The condition of your RV has a lot to do with how much fuel you use. Make sure that your RV has been serviced as recommended by the manufacturer. If you get a little slack on this, over time you may see significant diminishing returns on your fuel mileage. Tire pressure can have a big impact on fuel efficiency.

Plan Your Route Carefully

If you’re driving on a flat and straight road you’ll see good fuel efficiency. But most of the country has hills and mountains that can quickly turn the rpm gauge up and the fuel gauge down. When you’re planning your trip, avoid routes that will cause excessive braking and choose routes that will keep a steady speed.

Use Gas Buddy

Gas Buddy is a phone application that tells you based on your location where the cheapest fuel is. If you use it just before the low fuel light comes on you’ll be able to navigate to the savings on your route.

Drive Your Other Vehicle as Much as Possible

If you pull a 5th Wheel or Travel Trailer you will have a vehicle to run errands or go on day trips. If you’re in a Class A or Class C RV, pulling a car by flat towing or a tow dolly can significantly keep money in your pocket with fuel savings.

Use Your Grocery Store Fuel Savings Card

Most large grocery store chains have memberships which save you money on your purchases. Chains are regional. You’ll find big chains like Andersons, Ahold Delhaize and Kroger and smaller chains like Food Lion, Giant Eagle and  H.E.B. You’ll find Publix in the South, Heinen’s in Cleveland and Chicago, and the list goes on. Some of the large chains have purchased smaller ones, like the auto and RV industry. Many times you will see several logos on their membership cards where your points can go with you from one chain to another because they are owned by the same corporation. Check the fine print to know where you can use these. I had 12 of these cards at one time from all over the country. The perk you receive is fuel points. So if you are going to travel throughout the Southern states get a Publix card. If traveling in Texas get an H.E.B card (I don’t know what that stands for but their advertising says ‘Here Everything is Better”). If you are buying steaks for the gang, or ice for the campground, use your card. Then take the discount your fuel card offers before leaving the area to exhaust your points.