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Cold Weather Camping

June 22, 2018

Cold Weather Camping

Camping in cold weather in your RV can be very enjoyable. However, please use these tips to ensure you stay safe and warm.

  1. Do your best to avoid sweating. Wear layers so you can adjust the amount of clothing based on your activity.
  2. Wear dark colors to attract the sun’s warmth.
  3. Keep your flashlight batteries in your sleeping bag to extend their life.
  4. Wear wool, synthetic fleece or polypropylene. Avoid cotton because if it gets wet, it’s difficult to dry.
  5. Avoid wearing tight clothing. It causes reduction of blood flow and warmth.
  6. Wear glove liners inside mittens for flexibility and warmth.
  7. Alcohol consumption results in rapid heat loss.
  8. Drink lots of liquids. Dehydration leads to reduced circulation, hypothermia and altitude sickness.
  9. Before bed, warm up by eating a candy bar, drinking something hot (no caffeine), standing by a fire or running in place.
  10. Take fire starters along or practice using your stove. Efficiency and preparation will make your trip go smoothly and comfortably.

Enjoy your winter camping!