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Easy Dinner: Hobo Pies

May 15, 2019

Easy Dinner: Hobo Pies

Did you know hobo pie makers are great for more than just desserts? Well, they are! You can make “pot” pies with them, filled with anything you want! You could do a chicken or beef with gravy, a taco style, pizza–whatever you can think of!

The equipment is the same for each type of pie you choose to make:

Hobo pie maker(s)
Spray canola oil
Tongs to remove pies
Hot fire and coals
Ice bath to cool the pie maker off between uses

Depending on what you want to put in your hobo pies the crust can vary.

Pizza: pizza dough from a tube
Taco: tortillas that are a little bigger than the pie maker
“Pot Pies”: croissant or biscuit dough
Any type of bread, typically white, for any type of pie

Now, the ingredients for the inside are the most fun! You want them to be a little warm to start, especially if you’re using gravy or a sauce. The outside of the pie will cook faster than the inside so having precooked fillings is important. Here are some ingredient ideas:

Pizza Pie: sauce, pepperoni, sausage, peppers, olives, banana peppers, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese and any of your other favorite pizza toppings
Taco: taco meat, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, chiles, refried beans, or anything else you put on or in a taco
Pot Pies: any sort of chicken or beef with a gravy mix. It can be homemade or bought in the store. You can even use certain types of soup of this, just drain off a little extra liquid.

The method for making these super easy and tasty hand-held dinners are the same, regardless of what you put inside of them! Here’s how you do it:

  1. Step One: after making sure your fire is hot and you have plenty of hot coals, lightly spray the inside of your hobo pie maker with canola or vegetable oil.
  2. Step Two: line the pie maker with whatever crust you want to have. Make sure there is some on the edges to be pressed together to hold the pie together.
  3. Step Three: fill up half of your pie maker with fillings. Make sure it’s a little warm so that it gets hot when cooking. Only fill half otherwise it will become too full and spill out the sides when closed together.
  4. Step Four: close the pie maker and press together hard. Place in the hot coals for 2 minutes then flip. Repeat until the crust is golden and cooked and lifts off the pie maker on at least one side.
  5. Step Five: CAREFULLY remove the pie. If you want to make more right away, chill the pie maker in the ice bath until it is cool enough to touch.