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Five of the Best Hiking Spots in Alabama

August 8, 2019

Five of the Best Hiking Spots in Alabama

Alabama is a gorgeous state full of beautiful parks and places to hike and places to see. We’ve put together a top 5 list of the best hiking spots in the gorgeous state of Alabama!

Cheaha State Park’s Bald Rock Boardwalk

This is one of the state’s most popular trails. With three different paths that lead to the outlook, you’re sure to love the view at the Bald Rock Outlook. You can take one of two dirt trails or a boardwalk, which is handicap accessible. At the end of the boardwalk is a huge overlook with stairs and a path to get down.

The For Pete’s Sake Trail at Chewacla State Park

This park offers 28 miles of trails for both cyclists and hikers. This specific trail, the For Pete’s Sake Trail,” is 8 miles long. It has narrow bridges, technical climbs, loose rocks, and steep slopes. It’s set up almost like a labyrinth and will give the hikers or cyclists a feeling of deja vu! This trail is perfect for those who want a bit more of a challenge!

Monte Sano State Park’s South Plateau Loop Trail

This trail is perfect for a family hike. It’s only 3.5 miles long and is an easy to moderate hike, so both children and elderly can do this together. There are rest shelters on the trail for when a break is needed.

The Campfire Trail at Wind Creek State Park

This trail is 1.8 miles long and is classified as a moderate hike. This trail is full of life and hikers often see deer, turkey, ducks, and woodpeckers regularly. Sometimes you might even see a bald eagle! Part of this trail runs along a lake, and there are many blooming trees to look for in the springtime!

The Reunion Trail at Wind Creek State Park

Another trail at Wind Creek State Park, this trail is 3.8 miles long and is a more difficult trail to hike. Marked with red blaze the entire length, this trail is a beautiful challenge for any serious hiker. At the northern end, you’ll see an old homesite. As well as an abundance of beds of fern, there is also a lot of beautiful wildlife to see!