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Halloween Decoration Ideas

October 27, 2019

Halloween Decoration Ideas

We all know at least 2 people who’s favorite holiday is Halloween–it might even be yours! Decorating is one of the most fun things to do around this time. We have some super cute ideas for decorating your RV for Halloween!

Painted Pumpkins

If you don’t have the time (or energy) to carve your pumpkins, that’s okay! Painting your pumpkins is just as fun and you can be even more creative–especially if you have a hard time with the carving! Choose your picture and paint it on one side of the pumpkin–or, do an entire scene on the whole pumpkin! These look super cute sitting on a ledge peeking out of one of your RV’s windows.

Glow-in-the-Dark Ghosts

This is a super easy one! Take an old sheet and cut it to size–however big you want it–and lay it flat. Using glow in the dark spray paint, spray both sides and allow to dry. Cut a hole in the middle and, using a balloon, place the knot end of the balloon through the hole and use the knot to tie on to your awning. Paint a face using black paint on the sheet where the balloon is, too! This is a cute and creepy way to bring the Halloween spirit to your RV!

Make a Scarecrow

These can be super cute or super creepy–depending on what you want! Stuff the arms and legs of some old clothes full of leaves and hay. You can use a small carved pumpkin for a head or have yourself a creepy headless scarecrow! Post outside your RV door as if he is guarding your home!

Zombies Emerging From the Dirt

This is simple–buy some skeleton pieces and, if you can find them, some severed hand novelty items. Place them in the ground so they are sticking out as if zombies are coming to life out of your own RV yard!

Movie References

Take some of your favorite scary movies and bring them to life! For example: make the wooden figures from the Blair Witch Project and hang them around your campsite or hide a pig mask-like from the Saw movies just under your RV so it’s like it’s about to jump out at you!

Hang Masks Around

Simply hanging up spooky masks can give a feeling of unease. Put some in the windows of your RV so it feels and looks like you’re being watched!