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Lets Get Ready to Tailgate!

July 6, 2018

Lets Get Ready to Tailgate!

Tailgating is a sport all its own.  You should show up to your favorite concert or sporting event hours early and join the massive crowd waiting for the festivities to start.  You break out your lawn chairs, portable grill, and cooler stocked with refreshing beverages.  The only thing that could make these events even better is if you took your RV with you!

Research lot restrictions where you’re parking in order to make tailgating with your RV a success.  You don’t want to expend the effort of getting ready to go, only to be turned away.  You also want to be as close to the action as possible, not out at the very end of the concrete!  Check out the limits and plan accordingly.

By taking an RV, you can have that many more guests!  Menu planning is important for a tailgate.  You want to eat, and eat well, without risking food illnesses.  An RV gives you more options when it comes to prepping and storing food properly.  Before you go, ensure your appliances are up and running correctly. You don’t want a faulty stove top to turn game day into a disaster.

With a bigger vehicle, you get to claim more pavement space for your group.  Bring the lawn chairs and all the memorabilia you’ve got!  Flags, decals, tents, towels…let everyone know who you root for!  What’s the point of having a vehicle everyone can see if you don’t make it stand out?  Get in the spirit and get decorating!

American traditions don’t get much better than tailgating.  Get out there and tailgate right by bringing your RV.  You’ll win the tailgate championship hands down!