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Millennials: Connected While Camping

August 14, 2018

Milennials: Connected While Camping

People camp to escape and forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life. They’re seeking to reconnect with nature, to enjoy the great outdoors, and relax.  It’s surprising then that campers are looking for campgrounds that offer Wi-Fi.

It’s a new generation that desires this amenity available at their campground.

National Parks have noted a drop in overnight campers because of the lack of cell phone service and Wi-Fi.  This “need” seems to go against everything that camping is – time to spend with friends and family, to tell stories and play games around a campfire, to experience the wilderness in all its glory.

It’s estimated that more than 80% of campers bring their cell phones on their travels.

These campers want to be able to access social networks and email to share pictures and anecdotes of their adventures as they happen.  Before mobile service was so widespread, pictures, videos, and stories needed to wait to be seen until the camper was home.  But this desire to share experiences as they happen is what drives millennials and modern campers to choose sites with Wi-Fi access.

Being connected while camping can in many cases negate the benefits of roughing it.

By “unplugging”, stress and anxiety are reduced, and people are able to strengthen more meaningful relationships with friends and family.  If relaxing and taking a break from the stress of life is why we go camping, it doesn’t make much sense to ensure we’re able to post pictures and follow comments on social media.

The face of campers and camping is evolving, and millennials are behind the wheel of these changes.  They’re looking for better cell service and access to Wi-Fi networks at their campsites.  They want to be able to share their experiences as they happen, without waiting until they’re home again.  More campgrounds are sure to start offering Wi-Fi as the demand for access grows.