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Most RVers Take These 4 Things for Granted

July 14, 2018

Most RVers Take These 4 Things for Granted

These days RVers have it so much easier than RVers of the past. And we’re not complaining about it one bit. Things such as auto leveling, electric awnings and easy access to day trips are so often taken for granted, but without them RVing would be so needlessly difficult.

1. Auto Leveler

Pull up to the campsite, push the auto level button and you’re level! No need to worry about doing it manually which is not a fun process.

2. Electric awning

Talk about how up until modern tech they had to do them manually, now it’s at the press of a button. The weather turns and you need to pull it in before the storm gets worse, just push a button.

3. Access to day trips

Having the opportunity to go shopping, eating, biking, hiking, climbing, dog beach, etc everyday within an hour or so from the campground.

4. Waterfront Property

Lot’s of campgrounds offer waterfront property in the form of a lake, ocean or river. It’s a great feature to have when you’re in need of a relaxing, zen getaway!

Do some super quick research on #1+#2 so you have a basic knowledge in the future for these features.

Hope this helps!