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Overnight at Walmart!?

September 28, 2018

Overnight at Walmart!?

Have you heard about the free stay Walmart offers RVers?  

We’re not joking…it’s definitely a real thing!  Most Walmart’s allow RVers to park in their lot overnight for free.  This is a great option when you’re too tired to keep driving, or when you don’t want to spend the $40 to sleep a single night in an RV park when you’re traveling.  But like any good thing, there are some rules and considerations to follow.

When you pull in, there will probably be other RVers already parked.

It is a good idea to walk into the store anyway and check with the store manager that it’s ok for you to stay overnight.  This is not a camping destination – one night is all you can stay!  

When you park, do not use your automatic levelers.  

These can damage the pavement in the parking lot, and if that happens, the store could decide to stop allowing RVs to park overnight.  Do not dump your waste and make sure you take any garbage out with you.

Since you’re only staying the night, don’t open your awning or put out any lawn chairs.

Grilling on portable BBQs is also not allowed.  Again, you’re not getting comfortable here, just using the lot for a night’s rest before moving on.  Make sure you’re parked at the far end of the lot as well.  You want to keep the parking spots closest to the store available for customers.

When you’re traveling, spending a night at a Walmart parking lot is a great option.  It’s free so you can save yourself some money when you’re just passing through.  Be respectful and considerate of the store so Walmart will continue to let future RVers stay overnight.