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Rainy Day Activities

October 26, 2019

Rainy Day Activities

Rain: it’s bound to happen. It’s important! As much as we might feel it ruins our plans for the day (I mean, who wants to go hiking in a thunderstorm?), it really just opens a door for us to find a whole list of new activities we can do! There are plenty of fun, indoor activities to do when it’s rainy out, and we’re here to help give you ideas!

Movie time! Almost all RVs are equipped with a TV and an entertainment system. So, pick out a couple of movies (if you have kids let them choose!) and make some snacks. You can even make the snacks together as a family! After you have snacks (heck, just make dinner an appetizer night!), sit down and enjoy a movie day!

Arts and crafts! If you have kids especially, this is a great idea to get off the electronics and geat creative. Pull out the art supplies–clay, paint, paper, glitter, markers, pencils–whatever you have and let your imagination go!

Board games and puzzles! Puzzles and board games are a great way to spend time together as a family and have a few laughs.

Charades or Pictonary. Similar to board games, but more hands on and active. This still brings you together as a family, but with these games you’re more active and able to use some energy up.

This is also a great time to get some chores done around the RV. Some interior cleaning is always good!