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RV Destinations You Need To Visit

January 16, 2020

RV Destinations You Need To Visit

Need some new places to visit? Well, here are a few of our favorites across the states! Definitely add these to the bucket list of places to RV to!

Orange County, CA

Orange County, California is a place that most of us are familiar with. We know it’s sunny and filled with gorgeous ocean views and people enjoying life. But where exactly is it? Orange County is just south of L.A. and includes Santa Ana, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, and Huntington Beach. You’ll be in for some great beach adventures, shopping, food, music, and more if you head down this way. Experience the blessed life of southern California and you might never want to leave!

Klamath, CA

For access to the northern California coast and majestic redwoods, Klamath, CA is your place. You’ll be able to spend time in the humbling presence of these wooden giants, oftentimes spending your day in the forest without seeing another person. The lush growth and scenic views of the ocean beyond are one of a kind. After a day in the forest, head down to the beach for some more of nature’s best. Keep your eye out for whales as they often are seen off the coast. Tide pools are rampant as well, providing you a glimpse into the underwater world. Whatever you are here for, you’ll be glad you came.

Bemidji, MN

Have you heard of Bemidji, Minnesota, before? It seems to be a well-kept secret! This beautiful location in northern Minnesota provides the absolute best for water play, outdoor adventure, and modern amenities as well. The Fox Lake RV Campground is the perfect place to set up a home base. The campground itself has lake access and a TON of things for you and the whole family to do! You may not want to leave. If you do venture into town, you’ll find some great food and entertainment to make your night. Bemidji is really known for its beautiful lakes and wooded areas and you must spend some time exploring the beauty nature has offered to this place.

Siesta Key Beach, FL

If you find yourself in Florida, you must check out Siesta Key Beach. Located just outside Sarasota, this beach is truly one of a kind! Its claim to fame is the white sand, fine like powdered sugar. Because of the sand’s makeup – it’s almost 100% quartz – the sand stays cool under your feet, even during the worst of Florida’s blistering heat! The water is incredible, and if you come during the week, it’s not terribly crowded. Definitely a destination to add to the bucket list!