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RV Entertainment Options

June 22, 2018

RV Entertainment Options

Most people travel in an RV to get out and experience life to its fullest, not to sit inside all the time. Join a club or group, explore your hobbies, enjoy TV with Satellite and go online to see the latest Facebook news with a WiFi extender. The latest technologies are available in your RV and are perfect for keeping the kids occupied on rainy days. Whether you enjoy a hike, visiting museums, or simply seeing the sites, your RV is the gateway to exercise, staying healthy, learning about history and taking in the scenery. Visit us to find the perfect RV with the right entertainment options for your family. But when you’re not exploring a new trail and it’s too early for bed you’re going to want some form of entertainment, here’s a few popular options for you to enjoy.


I’m a big advocate of turning off the TV to experience the good old outdoors. But when it’s dark outside and one of my shows is on, get the popcorn ready! There’s a lot of ways to get all your favorite shows while on the road. While some RV Parks offer cable, most RVers use Hulu and Netflix to stream either through wifi or their phone. Big TV watchers usually end up getting satellite installed in the RV.

Working Out

Get a workout in! Keeping in shape for your adventures while you’re on them is a great way to pass the time. There are a bunch of great tips on working out while RVing by The Fit RV. More and more RV Resorts have workout facilities. Working out not only keeps you entertained but it’s healthy too!

Join a Club or Group

Many RV Resorts have things like swimming classes, daily billiards tournaments, even Wii bowling league. There are websites like RVillage that caters meetups and events specifically for RVers. This can be something to look forward to when you get to your next camping trip, knowing you’ll meet up with friends.

Go Online – WiFi

Getting online on RV trips can be great for checking Social Media. It’s also great for mobile business owners working while traveling. While some RV Parks offer WiFi, these aren’t always reliable ways of getting strong internet. Most Full Timers rely on internet jetpacks.


There are so many hobbies for RVers to get involved in on the road. You could collect Flair like this person. This Full Time RVer had a lot of spare time and decided to make bags out of Target and Walmart Bags that she collects while shopping on the road. It takes 3 days to make the small bag and about 5 days to make the big bag.

Photo/Video Editing

Part of the fun of taking photos and video while camping is editing the footage you took during the day. Spend the time in the evenings inspiring yourself to capture more incredible footage.


If you want to indulge into something exotic or unique to the area you’re visiting, have at it. If eating a big bowl of ice cream while relaxing on the couch is your thing, do it to it. If you have a tea fetish and want to heat up some tea, go for it. RVs today are coming with more pantry, storage and fridge/freezer space than ever. This also means you can have fun saving money and creating fun meals for you and your family. Utilize the convenience of home to eat your favorite meals on the road. RVing is about the entire experience around your adventure, not just the highlights. That means you should plan for the evenings to make them just as enjoyable as the day activities. Keep in mind the different interests of all parties involved and cater to your group.