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RV Pre-Purchase Inspection

June 22, 2018

Why have an RV inspected by a professional before I make a decision to buy?

Purchasing an RV is a big investment. For most folks, next to your home, a purchase like this will be the highest ticket item you ever purchase. Much like a home, a bad decision can cost unsuspecting buyers thousands of dollars.

The Cost of a Good RV Inspection

It is suggested you always have only factory trained RV professionals inspect, service and repair your recreational vehicle. The cost of an inspection can vary depending on several variations such as type of RV be it a 5th wheel Trailer, Travel Trailer or a motor home.

Travel trailer and 5th wheel trailer inspections typically cost $437.00-$500.00

Gas Powered Motor homes typically cost $500.00-600.00

Diesel Powered Motor Homes typically cost $825.00-950.00

How Long Will It Take To Perform A Good RV Inspection

Allow up to a full day depending on the unit you are having inspected. Travel trailers and 5th wheels typically take 4 to 5 hours. Motor homes typically take 6 to 8 hours

Items Performed On Inspection

  • Roof condition
  • Vents and covers
  • Awnings
  • Visual inspection of roof, sides and under structures
  • Visual inspection of frame
  • Brake and wheel bearings
  • Moisture inspection
  • Test all exterior lights
  • Check window and screen operation
  • Test and inspect all interior and exterior doors, compartments latches and locks
  • Test refrigerator
  • Test water heater
  • Test Furnace
  • Test A/C system
  • Test 12volt systems
  • Test 110 systems
  • Test power converter
  • Test inverter
  • Test and inspect generator
  • Test and inspect microwave
  • Test and inspect oven, range and hood
  • Test water pump and fresh water systems
  • Inspect sewer and grey water holding tanks and systems
  • Test and inspect all sink faucets, drains and shower
  • Test and inspect toilet operation
  • Inspect all cabinet doors and drawer operation
  • Inspect and test all TV/DVD and stereo systems
  • Inspect and test furniture
  • Complete visual inspection of seals and gaskets
  • Visual inspection of paint and condition of exterior
  • Visual inspection of complete interior overall condition and structural integrity

Note: This is a summary of a RV inspection, units with different options including motor homes may require more or less items to be inspected.

In Conclusion

The peace of mind in having your RV inspected by an RV professional and not getting stuck with a unit that needs thousands of dollars in repairs is priceless, and so valuable in terms of making a buying decision. If you find the RV you are considering needs an excessive amount of service or repairs don’t lose heart. That great used RV is out there! Take your time and have fun with the process.