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Start a Travel Journal

March 17, 2020

Start a Travel Journal

If you haven’t already, starting a travel journal is a good way to document things that you’ve done and places you’ve seen. Whether you write it and do it up like a basic journal or a scrapbook, or type everything out online when you get home, it’s a good way to reflect on everything and a way to help preserve memories.

If you choose to do it electronically, including lots of pictures of your adventures is fun! You could even turn it into a blog if you want (this could potentially lead to a way to make money while RVing). Or, keep it private and make it as personal as you want.

Talk about where you went and who you met, foods you ate and drinks you tried. Document new experiences and new found loves.

If you choose to start a physical travel journal, still talk about all those things, but now you can decorate it and paste in pictures and things like leaves and flowers from hiking trips! Really save your memories.

Having your kids, if you have them, scrapbook their travels too! This would help them with creativity and really connecting with family.

It doesn’t have to be a daily thing, but at least once a week, take some time to reflect on your travels and what you’ve done. New adventures are a great thing to write about, especially if you have pictures to go with it!