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The Almost Alert Driver

June 22, 2018

The Almost Alert Driver

It has happened to us all. Driving long distance on a family adventure. Early on the trip the excitement takes over and you feel great. As you enter new areas the anticipation builds. After time, the excitement and anticipation turns into weary tired eyes. When this happens STOP DRIVING!

You’ve become the “Sort of” Alert RVer.

It is not worth risking your life and the lives of everyone along on the camping trip. One of the advantages of having an RV is you have the conveniences of home wherever you stop for the night. There are many great places to pull over and catch some sleep for weary travelers like Walmart, Truck Stops, and Rest Stops. Here are some ways to avoid getting tired prematurely. These are tried and true ways to keep you alert and lasting longer to ultimately arrive earlier and safer to your camping destination.

Get plenty of sleep beforehand.

7 hours for most people.

Stay hydrated.

Sipping on something keeps your mind and body active. Prior to heading out, start to flood your system with liquids the night before.Continue hydrating the morning of your trip. Remember to stop hydrating an hour before you depart or you will be making a stop shortly after starting.

Drink Coffee or an Energy Drink

These keep you alert and in good spirits.


You have an RV, park it and take a nap! Studies show that a 20 minute nap is the ideal length of time to refresh without sleeping too much and becoming groggy.

Crank Up the Tunes

Music is a great way to keep your mind active. Who does not perk up to a little 90s throwback jam!? If you know the words, sing along,If you don’t know the words, sing along! Singing along helps keep the mind alert. Music affects mood, mood affects energy levels. Another fantastic idea is turn on an audio book. Learning keeps your mind sharp and alert.

Call Someone

What a great way to catch up with all the people you have been meaning to keep up with, family that’s moved away, or old schoolmates. Make sure you choose someone interesting as the more engaging the conversation the better you are at the wheel. Additionally, be sure to use a hands-free device on your phone so both hands can be on the wheel!

Eat Healthy

It is so easy and tasty to swing into a fast food joint while on the road but with a little preparation you can fuel your body with healthier food that will help you stay perky at the wheel. There are simple solutions to eating healthy while still tasting good like trail mix for snacks.

Move When You Stop

Fuel and bathroom stops should turn into a mini workout session (very mini). Stretch, throw around your arms, pound out some jumping jacks. Moving around will get your blood pumping and keep your energy levels up.

Wear Sunglasses

The bright sun can wear you down and make you weary after a full day of driving. Throw in reflections of other cars, snow, etc and it can put a strain on your eye muscles. Sunglasses keep your eyes fresh and on the road.

Do you know of a stay awake secret you’d like to share? If so let us know on Facebook.