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Unique Reasons We All RV

January 16, 2020

Unique Reasons We All RV

We all have our own reasons as to why we RV, and here is a list of some of the more common yet more unique reasons!


Love shopping? Imagine traveling the country and stopping at all the great malls. Some will even allow you to spend the night, woohooo! Talk about souvenirs!

Meet interesting people…

If you seek out super interesting people, you will find them… Whether they are your camping neighbor or someone you met while hiking, RVing is a great time to make new friends!


If you’re a history buff you’ll love all the tours you can take when you’re RVing. Many of them are now starting to have self-guided audio tours like in Alcatraz.Definitely look up museums in the areas you’re staying at or passing through and see what exhibits they have!

Visit the Capital

Bring the kids for a great education and lifelong memory. Truly a bucket list RV Trip. You can even plan a scavenger hunt! Divide into two groups–each with a parent in charge. You need to then find a list of things and take pictures next to it! Whichever group completes it first or gets the most done before the allotted time gets to choose dinner!

Look at the Stars

If you’ve grown up with stars in the sky you might be surprised to hear that much of the country doesn’t get a clear glimpse of these shiny specs. If you head out to the right areas, your mind could easily be blown on the right night…RVing allows you to be able to view the stars without having to venture far from your home! If you park in a nice, remote area, you’ll be able to see more stars than ever imaginable!

Go On An Adventure 

Have a mountain in mind you’ve always wanted to climb? Or have you always dreamed of white water rafting? Or even hiking through dense forests with hidden coves and waterfalls? Well, all this is possible while RVing! RVing you have the comfort and ability to drive wherever you want and visit for as long as you want in the comfort of you own home on wheels! Bring your adventure completion check lists and let’s check a few off!