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What to Know When You Call Shot Gun

June 22, 2018

What to Know When You Call Shot Gun

“I Call Shotgun!” is often associated with road trips. When an RV is involved there are a few things you need to know before you eagerly jump into the co-captain’s seat. It might have the best view but it comes with a responsibility to the driver.


Making sure the GPS or Google Maps on the phone is on and accurate with the location is critical. If something happens, it’s your role to get it back on right away. You can expect at some point the driver WILL miss the turn or hesitate due to wondering if the turn is do-able, so when that happens it’s critical that you’re not critical. Don’t make comments that will set off the pride of the driver because they need to be focusing on the road. Which leads us to the next point.

Avoid Distractions

Every time the driver is distracted everyone’s lives are at risk. One important job of the co-captain is to keep the driver calm, even if you’re not. Windy mountain roads put everyone on edge, you will need to talk in a calm soothing voice and make sure the kids aren’t screaming or asking “Are we there yet?”. It takes one distraction to cause a crash.

Be the DJ

This is an area that many people set compromising rules on. Often couples don’t agree with their preference of music selection so setting times such as having an hour each of the music or audio they enjoy. Radio stations come in and out so we highly recommend using a phone app such as Pandora with either blue tooth or an adapter that plugs into your console so you can bump out of your speakers.

Find the Best Place to Stop

Fuel, food and bathroom stops land on the co-captain’s responsibilities. Rather than scrambling at the last second wondering if this is the best exit to take there are two apps we recommend to help you Navigate:

  • ┬áTruck Stop is an app that shows you the truck stops on your route. This is critical because gas stations aren’t always going to fit large RVs. Truck stops have easy pull through spots for the larger RVs.
  • Rest Stops is the perfect freeway app to find places to stop for the bathroom without having to get way off the road at a gas station.