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Who’s RVing These Days?

June 5, 2018

Let's Go on an RV Trip!

RV Sales are steadily climbing as people embrace the RV Lifestyle for reasons as varied as the people who love it.

More people are realizing for such a small investment you can create your own RV adventure with the comforts of home. With advancing technology and design the possibilities are endless on what you can do. We have broken down some of the most common groups of RVers.

Weekend Warriors

They live for long weekends. Often going to events, races, excursions. So much to see and conquer. You can hit a lot of bucket list locations on the weekends. Many weekend warriors have kids in sports or hobbies that need to travel to compete. Rather than staying in a hotel, they save money by staying in the RV. Groups and people who come together for a sport or hobby are loving the RV Life! You’d be surprised at the variety of options of RV Groups that meet up for weekends!

Full Timers

Retirees are more active than ever. They are seeking new and fun experiences first hand by traveling the country seeing tourist towns, desert boondocking communities, and taking their RV off the beaten path to find quaint little places in small town America that remind them of their youth. Baby Boomers are booming into the World of RVing at a record pace. Another big group of full-timers are younger couples/families. They realize that there is too much to see and too little time while they watched their parent stuggle to cut out time to experience life. Waiting for retirement for them just is not the answer. The wanderlust has taken control and they are on the ultimate adventure on the open road. Most of the younger nomads work from their RV with wireless internet – in a generation who understands becoming their own brand, living their passion and finding a way to get paid for it, they set a high bar for themselves to get the most that they can out of life. That includes traveling in an RV, working for anywhere, while experiencing every nook and cranny of this country from coast to coast..


RVing gives you more options and is also less expensive than traditional vacations. With over 16,000 campgrounds in the country, you can choose the type of camping experience you would like to share with your family and/or friends. There are a lot of part-time RVers who just head out for extended weekends on the major holidays. Others take long vacations across the country with their family. It’s the perfect way to travel with children. No hunting for bathrooms that are clean enough to take them into, no expensive meals at restaurants while on the road, and if you have a motorized unit they can sleep in comfort until you arrive at your destination. Just pulling over to a roadside rest area you have everything you need for special diets, clean bathroom that’s private, changing clothes, finding games or toys to occupy them, and the list goes on.

Seasonal Snowbirds or Temp Workers

A large number of retirees and people who are able to work remotely are heading North for the summer and South for the winter. If you have ever been in the north during the chill of winter you can understand why this is so popular.

Changing locations with the seasons offers the maximum outdoor enjoyment opportunity.

There is another group of RVers who are temporary workers like this guy fishing at the RV Resort who works for the oil company and RVs to the job site until it moves again in a year and a half or so. His wife works remotely from the RV and he works during the week.


What better way to bring your family to a friends house than in an RV! You can visit when it is convenient, when it is not you can go home 12 ft. away. Many people are purchasing RVs to make it more convenient to visit friends and family. RVs make a great guest suite for when the in-laws come to town. Your daughter wants to bring home the boyfriend from college? Let him sleep in the RV. Having a sleepover for your 10-year-old and his friends? Let them camp in the backyard. Mom and Dad need some peace and quiet? Head to the camper, mix a martini and put on some relaxing music. Pretend you are at the beach, in the woods, on a mountaintop – your past RV experiences come flooding back and you are disconnected from home if but for an hour or two.

– “Hey, I’ll bring my house to yours next week and you bring yours to mine next time!”

Adventure Seekers

Adventure seeking RVers realize that there are incredible wonders at our fingertips. That there are new experiences to be had. Things like the Blue Hole in Santa Rosa, New Mexico are a perfect example of an RV Adventure. It’s a 80 ft. water hole in the desert where you can swim, dive and even cliff jump. How about camping at Estes Park in Colorado, where the only thing that slows you down is the heard of elk holding up traffic on the mountain road. Even driving here is an adventure. Especially if you take the route over the Rocky Mountains. But be aware that it is so snow covered they often do not open the road until Memorial Day, and when you drive over the mountain, there are 15-foot snow drives alongside your car. What a spectacular view it has to offer as you reach the Continental Divide.

Pet Owners

Many retirees find that when they look at traveling they are very limited on places to stay in hotels if they have pets. RVing is better and more enjoyable bringing your companions with. People are responding to this by joining the RV Lifestyle and living the high-life in their own special way.

Do you fit into one of these groups? Let us know on Facebook what you would like more information about.